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"The dog's name was Indy..."

So I owe this update to my complete obliviousness to the entertainment world around me. Indeed I just found out that they have made the sequel to Indiana Jones. I AM HAPPY! Although I was a huge Star Wars fan it was released slightly before I was born. I was a fan of it but not right from the beginning. But Indiana Jones is different. I went to the theaters and saw it with my dad in the movie theaters when I was 4 and have been hooked ever since. This installment of the franchise has me as excited as the recent release of the Transformers movie did. Believe me that is no small feat. I do have to say that I am a little sad to see that my friend Jack from Velesquious Studios did not get his wish. Years ago we were discussing the future of Indy and how we could see another installment of this series when he came up with what I consider to be the most brilliant idea ever. The thought was since Harrison Ford is friggin old that he needed an apprentice to take over for him. Now where would we find a sidekick for good old Indy? OH YEA! Short Round was attached to Indy at the hip. But who would be able to pull off a full grown Short Round? Who could take over the lead in an action film chock-full-0-stunts? Why Jackie Chan of course! Although he is a bit older than we would like and probably couldn't carry the franchise for long, I don't think that just one movie would have been too much to ask for.

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