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In Honor of the Upcoming Elections I Give You "Confusion"

So with the impending elections I was thinking about a song that I hadn't heard for in while. I remember liking Land of Confusion when it first came out. Although I didn't really get the lyrics at the time the visuals entertained me. I look back at it now and see what what I was meant to see. The satire!

The video was shot using puppets made by a British comedy show called Spitting Image. Phil Collins saw a puppet of himself on the show and commissioned the creators of the show to make puppets of all the bank members of Genesis to do this video and two others. So if Phil can make fun of himself then who are we to say he can't make a goof on Reagan? Now, Disturbed is one of my favorite bands. Great themes, great stage presence, and awesome energy make them a must see for me. When a powercharged band like that pays homage to a song like Land of Confusion you get ...

The video here is just awesome! Maybe a bit pretentious but still awesome none-the-less.

Note: The original post here used metacafe embed links that didn't work worth a crap. I replaced them with youtube links. Now I can't watch it at work :(


Jack said...

Technical note: the animation in the disurbed version was done by McFarline Sudios, so yes .. it does look an aweful lot like the spawn cartoon for a reason

Nick said...

I did notice that. I was thinking Korn but I think he did that animation as well didn't he?