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LOL - Laugh Out Loud, but not really!?!

This post reflects a personal mission. Not to rid the world of LOL but to begin its reduction. Why would I want to get rid of something that has become so commonly used you might ask? Well, because it has found its place into emails, instant messages, text messages and all sorts of other text based communication but at the end of the day...nobody ACTUALLY laughs out loud.

When was the last time somebody sent you a little joke in a text message and you replied with LOL and then proceeded to burst out into brief, audible chuckle? I can almost guarantee this has NEVER happened to you. I know it has happened to me maybe 5 times in all the years I've been using LOL. (Since '96 maybe when I first started using AIM).

LOL has its place for those rare occasions where you are truly tickled and let out a guffaw but for the majority of us and in the majority of situations we don't really mean "laugh out loud" but instead, we mean "that's funny", "that's cute", "I find that amusing", what have you.

Instead of LOL I'm appealing to your sense of logic and asking that you switch (as I am) to using LTM instead of LOL. LTM stands for "laughing to myself". You'll have to explain it a few times but I already have a few of my nearest and dearest using it consistently and we ALL think it just makes more sense. A trend setter I am not but its never too late to start! LTM in '08 Yeah!

PS: Don't even get me started on ROTFLMAO !

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