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I Heart the Interweb!

When one has Internet, one necessarily has a command of an instant wealth of knowledge. Subjects out of the reach of the lay person just a few decades ago are now at our fingertips.
Math poses no problem that can not be solved.

Art is available for all to appreciate. (The pic is a link to a page and not just the full view)

Rejected movie edits are brought to light.

History is not a stranger

Note: This update is extremely late and a little light in the text portion due to an epic battle between the blogging software and myself. I am sorry if it looks kind of funky in places but there is some serious limitations in the Blogspot post editor. I am quite sure that part of the issue was that I use FireFox and also that I am asking too much from the editor. I will try to do better in the future. :)

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