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Tom Cruise is Insane

So Anonymous has declared war against The Church of Scientology because of the whole fiasco with the Tom Cruise indoctrination video (link to video)

After watching this video I have to agree with Justin Wyrsch when he wrote on his list Top 15 "celebrities" I would most like to punch in the face and the reasons why! (now with infuriating photos!),

“[Your] movies were much better before you ejected from the fighter plane of sanity.”

Tom was #1 on his list by the way. The problem is that Justin was right. Tom has had some awesome movies but not I am not allowed to like them as much. I just can't bring myself to tell idiots that it is alright to act like an idiot. When you watch the video though you get a sense that Tom is treading some very dangerous ground. He is making a persuasive speech but using little facts. He is turning up the charisma to its fullest. He is not afraid to put his ethics into someone else. He is a high ranking member in a (for lack of something else polite to call it) dangerous cult. now who does this remind us of?

Now in an extremely well written blog posted almost two years to the day at the time of posting Catez Stevens writes on Allthings2all,
"Scientology is based on the belief that 75 million years ago an evil intergalactic ruler named Xenu was concerned about the mass over-population of the universe. Consequently he massacred the populations of 76 planets, froze them, and transported them to earth. On earth he put them into volcanoes and exploded them with atom bombs. However their souls or spirits - called Thetans - were blown apart and left to hover about looking for new bodies to inhabit. Thetans can move into and out of bodies at will, and now inhabit human beings. A Thetan is thus the Scientologists term for the spirit of a person."
What type of person is going to be able to digest that wonderful nugget of info and take it as doctrine? It takes a special mix of chemical imbalances, social disorders, and a pinch of mental retardation.

I can only hope that when one joins such a cult that you make new friends. Just stay away fom the punch at the group mixers, you never know who might spike it.


Jack said...

Yep ... not afraid to put his ethics into anybody except maybe his wife. Wait ... ethics isn't a euphemism?

Jack said...

Just an additional thought on this:

"Xenu was concerned with the mass overpopulation of the universe"

Ok, ok ... so even if you're willing to accept the factual information (i.e. alien empire 75 million years ago that hadn't abandoned nuclear engergy, Earth being called Tegeac in a sector ruled by a dude named Xenu). Let's, just for fun ... assume all that crazy shit is true.

His motive, as a member of an advanced, spacefaring species with superior technology ... was the overpopulation of an infinite space with unlimited resources.

I've just never heard anyone point out that when you get down to it, that's the part that screws up suspension of disbelief.

Nick said...

I agree completely. Valid point, written concisely, and speaks to logic and not passion. As far as the Church of Scientology is concerned you're doing it wrong. But then by the same token maybe Xenu was an economist. Space is infinite, the potential population approaches infinite, divide monetary units by infinity and you are going to scare the shit out of said economist :)